Friday, 30 November 2012

Take It Grandpa Style

"Thrift Shop"

Nothing I love more than finding a good bargain at your local thrift shop. If you know your designers and keep your eyes peeled, you can usually find a steal! I can't even count the times I've been wandering around Value Village or Salvation Army and come across a gold mine of high end products. Here are few of my finds... 

Christian Dior hosiery, $1.99 - VV
Mint condition Mango Blazer, $14.99 - VV
Dolce And Gabbana mustard suit, $75.00 - Fashionista Ball Charity Event
Zara Pants, $9.99 - VV
Jones New York Blazer, $12.99 - VV
Vintage Fur Coat, $54.99 - Thrift Shop (Used for Cruella Costume)
and more..

Fashion is recycled, almost everything comes back in style eventually. Keep that in mind on the hunt!

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