Monday, 16 April 2012

Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes of my latest styling project...

Photos coming soon.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

What's that Jacket? ...Margiela?

Martin Margiela, the king of deconstruction, continues to amaze me with his inventive, yet bizarre fashion collections. He shows the world how fashion can be so peculiar but can be worn with style and grace.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the Margiela’s Spring 2012 R-T-W collection…  

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Cat Eye Liner - The latest in 2012 Fashion

The Fierce Cat Eye

There is a ton of different ways to sport the “cat eye” look. If you’re a makeup junkie like me, then you have probably experienced them all. But, if you’re new to the cat eye scene, then you’ll know that it can be difficult to master.

Thankfully, many makeup companies have recognized that. They have created countless fun and easy tools to make your winged eyeliner look flawless and professional without the worry of trying to craft your liner into a perfectly symmetrical pair of lids.

Check out Beth Bender's Eyeliner stencils!

or Christian Dior's Velvet Eyes - an eyeliner sticker! They are reuseable too!

Too Pricey? Check out Eye Rock Stick on Liner..

Monday, 9 April 2012

Nail Art - Splatter Paint

Nothing I love more than splatter painting! I got inspiration for this nail art by one of the easiest painting techniques in the book.

 How to do…

You will need:
Ball Point Pen – the thinner the hole at the tip after extracting the ink, the better
Nail Polish Remover
Q-tips and Cotton Balls for Clean up

Begin by painting your nails two coats of a base colour. I would suggest black or white, depending on your mood; in order to really make the splatter paint stand out.  Next, extract the pen’s ink and top cap from the pen’s base. The base’s empty shell is what is needed. If done correctly, the shell should act as a straw. Once your base coat has dried fully, lay down a piece of paper to protect the surface you will be working on.    
Then, paint a small amount of a bright colour polish into the pen’s tip, place about an inch over the nail and blow softly on the opening at the top. Practice a few times on the piece of paper in order to get the feel of it. It is important not to blow too hard or the paint will look unnatural and blotchy. Once dried, you can add another colour or leave be with a top coat of clear polish. The final step is the clean up, using a cotton ball and Q-tips, clean the skin around the nail with the polish remover for a spotless and professional look.

Style Me Slick

One of my first photoshoots with a very talented team.

Photographer: Jessica Luch at
Makeup: Courtney Allen
Hair: Siobhan O'Brien
Model: Sara Clarke
Stylist: Megan Tiffany Nash

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Nail Art - Nude N' Black

I got the inspiration for this nail art from Rihanna’s, “U Da One” music video. Because my nails are often short due to my nail biting habit, I decided to paint the black triangle at the tip of the nail for a “rebel” french manicure look. I love how it turned out!

How to do:

First, paint two coats of a nude shade of nail polish on your nails. It is important to let the nails dry completely before the next step. I would suggest letting them dry at least an hour for a flawless outcome. Next, cut small strips of masking tape in order to position them diagonally across the nail – two running opposite of each other on each nail; this forms a “V” shape. Tip: If you are using scotch tape, blot each strip sticky side down on your skin in order to reduce tackiness. This will decrease the risk of imperfections of the nude base coat.
           Once you have completed this step, paint the triangle tip stencil you’ve just created black. Let dry and repeat a second coat. Remove tape and voilĂ ! Tip: adding an extra coat of clear nail polish will make your artwork last.