Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Nail Art - Nude N' Black

I got the inspiration for this nail art from Rihanna’s, “U Da One” music video. Because my nails are often short due to my nail biting habit, I decided to paint the black triangle at the tip of the nail for a “rebel” french manicure look. I love how it turned out!

How to do:

First, paint two coats of a nude shade of nail polish on your nails. It is important to let the nails dry completely before the next step. I would suggest letting them dry at least an hour for a flawless outcome. Next, cut small strips of masking tape in order to position them diagonally across the nail – two running opposite of each other on each nail; this forms a “V” shape. Tip: If you are using scotch tape, blot each strip sticky side down on your skin in order to reduce tackiness. This will decrease the risk of imperfections of the nude base coat.
           Once you have completed this step, paint the triangle tip stencil you’ve just created black. Let dry and repeat a second coat. Remove tape and voilà! Tip: adding an extra coat of clear nail polish will make your artwork last.

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