Friday, 30 November 2012

Look Of The Day

"Galaxy Drive-In"

Take It Grandpa Style

"Thrift Shop"

Nothing I love more than finding a good bargain at your local thrift shop. If you know your designers and keep your eyes peeled, you can usually find a steal! I can't even count the times I've been wandering around Value Village or Salvation Army and come across a gold mine of high end products. Here are few of my finds... 

Christian Dior hosiery, $1.99 - VV
Mint condition Mango Blazer, $14.99 - VV
Dolce And Gabbana mustard suit, $75.00 - Fashionista Ball Charity Event
Zara Pants, $9.99 - VV
Jones New York Blazer, $12.99 - VV
Vintage Fur Coat, $54.99 - Thrift Shop (Used for Cruella Costume)
and more..

Fashion is recycled, almost everything comes back in style eventually. Keep that in mind on the hunt!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Dear Santa,

Wedge Sneakers are everywhere this fall and they are definitely on my Santa wishlist. I've been craving a pair of these for a while now but really haven't been in a place to fork out the dough. Santa to the rescue?! 

My favorite are Steve Madden's Hamlit wedge sneakers featuring shiny square studs along the vamp and tongue, they are so futuristic and fashion forward. I'm in love!

Or maybe I'll commit myself to the Steve Madden Olympiaa Hi-top sneakers, they were my first choice after all - I do love the white soles... Maybe this is one of those cases where less is more?

This footwear trend has been seen throughout Hollywood, with celebrities such as Kate Bosworth, Dakota Fanning and Beyonce sporting them. Thank you Isabel Marant for introducing them! 

The great thing about these shoes is that they give the illusion your feet are 2X smaller than what they actually are. This is what makes them look so adorable and dainty! And, they make you look taller and legs longer without the pain of a 5 inch spiked heel casket on your foot. Every girls dream, right?! Finally, a stylish footwear trend that you can wear with just about anything that doesn't end with your feet crying for mercy...

Try pairing them with...

- Skinny jeans and a cute tee
- Faux leather tights and a chunky sweater
- Flowing maxi skirt and a tucked in tank
- Black stockings and a causal mini dress 
- Knee high socks, a mini skirt and a bomber jacket
- Funky pattern tights, V-neck tee and jean jacket

Here are some other sporty sneaker wedges...

Would you rock them?


Alexander McQueen Winter 2013

Winter 2013 Collection

This was truly an unreal collection to watch, the progress between each look and the fantastic innovation brought inspiration to fashion lovers everywhere.

The collection started off very romantic and sincere, with soft pastel creams and graphic jacquard prints with embellishments embedded in the fabric - unquestionably, “a beautiful future,” in the words of Sarah Burton, a collection of “positivity and optimism.” I was a bit skeptical at first; McQueen was all about dark and incomparable designs, something I found the beginning of the collection to be nothing about. But, just as a blossoming flower, the designs began to open up into the world of Alexander. It was like the shapes and patterns began to organically “explode” from the pods they once were, flourishing into puffballs of extravagant goat fur, coats of ostrich feathers or Mongolian lamb sheer, elements of soft pink and voluminous cherry red pleated dresses with models teetering on 6 inch invisible heels. With a sci-fi persona, the collection masks the models with space-age visors, harsh metal accessories and white wigs which ultimately lead to the finale of a closing black dress with an oversized shoulder piece.

Sarah Burton has not only preserved the fashion house in innovation and modernization; she has stayed truthful to the Master of Darkness, Alexander McQueen. Burton is a perfect match for the fashion house with years to come of prestigious designs and fresh ideas. 

Favorite Of The Bunch

Monday, 26 November 2012

Look Of The Day

"Paint The Town In Blue"

Blue Blazer: Dynamite
Burgundy Tank: H&M basics
Pink Cross Necklace: Forever 21
Gold Tail-Fin Chain: Gift from Grandma from her Cruise to Alaska
Costume Ring: Forever 21
Polka-Dot Stockings: Forever 21
Black Suede and Faux Fur Boots: Spring Shoes

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Ashleigh Cameron of Numa Models

My last post inspired me to share some of my earlier collaboration photos with Ashleigh...

Photographer: Joon Koo
MUAH: Aaron Wozlowski
Stylist: Megan Nash
Model: Ashleigh Cameron of Numa Models

Wardrobe List:

Metallic Top: H&M
Black Pumps: Charlotte Russell
Double-Breasted Blazer: Second-Hand, Guess. (Buttons changed to gold anchor embellishments)
Black Blazer: Jones New York
Black Pants: H&M
Electric Blue Pumps: Jessica Simpson

Behind The Scenes

BTS - "Pretty In Pink"

Victoria Ho touching up Ashleigh Cameron's make-up.

Sneak Peek 

 - Ashleigh is naturally a brunette, she is wearing a wig.
- Floral crown cost $5.00 to make with supplies from local dollar store.
- I put Ashleigh in this H&M top once before.

Photographer: Christina Lazar-Schuler
MUAH: Victoria Ho
Stylist: Megan Nash
Model: Ashleigh Cameron of Numa Models

           I had an amazing time working on this shoot with these talented people I've learned to call my friends. I've worked on many projects with Christina and Victoria, so it was nice to catch up and see them again. Ashleigh, I’ve collaborated with once before; that girl has such an incredible gift that it is nearly impossible picking out only seven photos for a fashion editorial. Did I mention the girl is only seventeen?!

          My next project with Christina is a high fashion rocker shoot with one of my favorite models in the Vancouver fashion biz, Charlene from Numa Models. I’m ecstatic! She has been on my stylist’s bucket list for over a year now, so you can imagine my enthusiasm when Christina asked me to do the shoot! Heck yes!

Friday, 23 November 2012

Look Of The Day


White Blouse - Very from 
Leather Belt - Moschino
Cat Eye Glasses - :LOVE from

Friday, 16 November 2012

Look Of The Day

"Blue Jeans"

Blue Jean Cut-offs - DIY Levi Jeans
Gold Belt - Vintage Saks 5th Avenue
Silk Leopard Blouse - Second-Hand

Black Ice Editorial

Behind the Scenes of Black Ice

Photographer: Pete Jones Photography
Hair and Make-up: Ali-ve Makeup Artistry
Model: Tiara Sorensen
Fashion Stylist: Megan Nash
Studio: Third Eye Productions
Wardrobe provided by Malary's Fashion Network

Pete shooting Tiara in first look.

Image Leak from Black Ice


Accessory Hype

Latest Celebrity Trend

The latest in celebrity fashion has got me itching to buy the hottest jewellery trend, palm bracelets! These little hand ornaments come halfway down your palm, fitting tightly across, above the thumb but below the fingers to embellish the heart of your hand. I'm in love with this innovative jewellery design that remind me of a modified version of a slave bracelet. 

I first noticed these palm accessories in the Kelly Clarkson music video for Stronger where she sported a gun metal, diamond crusted feather across her left hand. With some research, I discovered the designers are sisters Katia and Sonia Gaydamak who started their jewelry line in 2009. These Persian based jewelry designers have well-known celebrities such as Salma Hayek, Sharon Osbourne, Nina Garcia and Alicia Keys wearing their bracelets.  

Intrigued by it's East Indian influence, I would pair these palm bangles with a colourful saree scarf or a bohemian urban turban to stay true to the theme. 

Would you rock it?


Sunday, 11 November 2012

Nail Art - Reverse Tip Manicure

Christian Louboutin Inspired Nails

What you will need:

-Black and Red nail polish
-Nail polish remover
-Small paint brush or Q-tips

To achieve this look, you must have longer natural or fake nails. Firstly, paint the underside of each nail with two coats of red. Do not worry about getting polish on your skin, clean up will come later. Next, apply two to three coats of black polish to the top of the nail, making sure you curve over the nail's tip a bit to ensure that all bare nail is covered - this is especially needed for fake nails due to their thickness. Once dry, move on to cleaning the "oops" areas with a paint brush or Q-tip dipped in polish remover. After completed, apply a clear coat to the top of your nails for durable wear and long lasting results!

Black and Red are not the only colours that can be done with a reverse tip manicure...
Try pairing these duos together...
-Purple and Gold
-Mint and Pale Yellow
-Black and Neon Pink
-Deep Blue and Chrome Silver

Look Of The Day


Leather Boots - Spring 
Brown Knit Cardigan - Forever 21
Tiger Stone Necklace - Forever 21

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Friday, 9 November 2012

Anita, Darling!

Halloween 2012'

The Fabulous Cruella De Vil...

Here with my good friend Gabi as Bogul

Faux Fur Shrug - H&M
Two-Toned Black/Red Wedges - Aldo
Kitty Fur Coat - Vintage
Wig - Cosplay

If she doesn't scary you, no evil thing will...

Look Of The Day

"Layer Me Luxurious"

Black Toque - Obey
Olive Anorak Jacket -
Saree Scarf - Second-hand
Brown Leather Boots - Spring

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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Linen & Dark Beauty

I’m ecstatic to announce that two of my collaborations with fabulous photographer and editor in chief at Freshworn Magazine, Christina Lazar-Schuler, have been published.

A Charlie Chaplin traveler inspired editorial featuring gorgeous models, Tori Simons and Bree-Anna Berman with makeup and hair by Leah Cuff.

The wardrobe was motivated by vintage menswear with pieces such as a Dolce & Gabbana mustard blazer and a DKNY mauve tie.

You can visit our work now LIVE on magcloud with THE LINEN magazine. 

An Ice Queen inspired shoot featuring the frosty Aadie Lee with make-up and hair by Rhi’Ele May.

The wardrobe consisted of wrapped painters fabric, mile long clear plastic tubing and synthetic shower curtains. I was able to explore my avant garde side which made the project very enjoyable.

Published in Dark Beauty Magazine.   

Latest Project

New Collaboration, New Friends.

My first collaboration with a new talented team. I'm excited for the styling projects to come!

Photographer: Pete Jones Photography
MUAH: Alison Russel at Ali-vé Make-up Artistry

Model: Sarah Bogue of Numa Models

Behind the Scenes...

Look Of The Day

"Fall Grunge"

Plaid Button Down - H&M
Kitty Tank - Forever 21
Loafers - Aldo
Toque - Neff

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