Sunday, 11 November 2012

Nail Art - Reverse Tip Manicure

Christian Louboutin Inspired Nails

What you will need:

-Black and Red nail polish
-Nail polish remover
-Small paint brush or Q-tips

To achieve this look, you must have longer natural or fake nails. Firstly, paint the underside of each nail with two coats of red. Do not worry about getting polish on your skin, clean up will come later. Next, apply two to three coats of black polish to the top of the nail, making sure you curve over the nail's tip a bit to ensure that all bare nail is covered - this is especially needed for fake nails due to their thickness. Once dry, move on to cleaning the "oops" areas with a paint brush or Q-tip dipped in polish remover. After completed, apply a clear coat to the top of your nails for durable wear and long lasting results!

Black and Red are not the only colours that can be done with a reverse tip manicure...
Try pairing these duos together...
-Purple and Gold
-Mint and Pale Yellow
-Black and Neon Pink
-Deep Blue and Chrome Silver

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