Friday, 16 November 2012

Accessory Hype

Latest Celebrity Trend

The latest in celebrity fashion has got me itching to buy the hottest jewellery trend, palm bracelets! These little hand ornaments come halfway down your palm, fitting tightly across, above the thumb but below the fingers to embellish the heart of your hand. I'm in love with this innovative jewellery design that remind me of a modified version of a slave bracelet. 

I first noticed these palm accessories in the Kelly Clarkson music video for Stronger where she sported a gun metal, diamond crusted feather across her left hand. With some research, I discovered the designers are sisters Katia and Sonia Gaydamak who started their jewelry line in 2009. These Persian based jewelry designers have well-known celebrities such as Salma Hayek, Sharon Osbourne, Nina Garcia and Alicia Keys wearing their bracelets.  

Intrigued by it's East Indian influence, I would pair these palm bangles with a colourful saree scarf or a bohemian urban turban to stay true to the theme. 

Would you rock it?


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