Monday, 26 November 2012

Behind The Scenes

BTS - "Pretty In Pink"

Victoria Ho touching up Ashleigh Cameron's make-up.

Sneak Peek 

 - Ashleigh is naturally a brunette, she is wearing a wig.
- Floral crown cost $5.00 to make with supplies from local dollar store.
- I put Ashleigh in this H&M top once before.

Photographer: Christina Lazar-Schuler
MUAH: Victoria Ho
Stylist: Megan Nash
Model: Ashleigh Cameron of Numa Models

           I had an amazing time working on this shoot with these talented people I've learned to call my friends. I've worked on many projects with Christina and Victoria, so it was nice to catch up and see them again. Ashleigh, I’ve collaborated with once before; that girl has such an incredible gift that it is nearly impossible picking out only seven photos for a fashion editorial. Did I mention the girl is only seventeen?!

          My next project with Christina is a high fashion rocker shoot with one of my favorite models in the Vancouver fashion biz, Charlene from Numa Models. I’m ecstatic! She has been on my stylist’s bucket list for over a year now, so you can imagine my enthusiasm when Christina asked me to do the shoot! Heck yes!

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