Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Alexander McQueen Winter 2013

Winter 2013 Collection

This was truly an unreal collection to watch, the progress between each look and the fantastic innovation brought inspiration to fashion lovers everywhere.

The collection started off very romantic and sincere, with soft pastel creams and graphic jacquard prints with embellishments embedded in the fabric - unquestionably, “a beautiful future,” in the words of Sarah Burton, a collection of “positivity and optimism.” I was a bit skeptical at first; McQueen was all about dark and incomparable designs, something I found the beginning of the collection to be nothing about. But, just as a blossoming flower, the designs began to open up into the world of Alexander. It was like the shapes and patterns began to organically “explode” from the pods they once were, flourishing into puffballs of extravagant goat fur, coats of ostrich feathers or Mongolian lamb sheer, elements of soft pink and voluminous cherry red pleated dresses with models teetering on 6 inch invisible heels. With a sci-fi persona, the collection masks the models with space-age visors, harsh metal accessories and white wigs which ultimately lead to the finale of a closing black dress with an oversized shoulder piece.

Sarah Burton has not only preserved the fashion house in innovation and modernization; she has stayed truthful to the Master of Darkness, Alexander McQueen. Burton is a perfect match for the fashion house with years to come of prestigious designs and fresh ideas. 

Favorite Of The Bunch

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