Monday, 4 February 2013

Beauty and the Bodacious

Black Sparkle French Tips

How to do:

Firstly, paint your nails with a base clear coat to reduce likeliness of staining of the nail. 

Once dried, paint two coats of a neutral shade of nail polish on your nails while painting the ring finger on each hand a solid black. It is important to let the nails dry completely before the next step. I would suggest letting them dry at least an hour for a flawless outcome. 

Next, cut small strips of scotch tape in order to position them directly across the nail. Tip: If you are using scotch tape, blot each strip sticky side down on your skin in order to reduce tackiness. This will decrease the risk of imperfections of the nude base coat.

           After the polish is completely dried, remove tape. Tip: The tips of your nails do not need to be perfect because we will later blend the harsh line with glitter nail polish.

            Lastly, using a sparkle polish, blend a very abstract line across the french black tips of your nails. Finish with a clear top coat.

Colours I Used: OPI "Black Onyx", OPI "Did You 'Ear About Van Gogh?", OPI "Bring On The Bling", REVLON Clear Coat. 

Saturday, 2 February 2013

How to achieve...

Perfect Brows

Step One: 
Start with freshly groomed brows.

Step Two:
Paint on a thick line of concealer right under the brow line.  

Step Three:
Blend the concealer into skin while keeping a prominent line directly under the brow.

Step Four:
With a steady hand, starting a few centimetres from the inner part of the eyebrow, draw a line on the bottom following the natural arch of the brow. 

Step Five:
With a brow shade, fill in the section where you drew the line. Try Mac Brow Duo: Brunette, $27.50

Step Six:
Using an angle brush, make small hair-like strokes, extending the inner brow just past the corner of the eye.

Step Seven:
As a highlight, use a matte white eye shadow under the arch of the brow. For extra glamour, try using a light shimmer powder in a frost or goldie tone.

Step Eight:
Groom the brows to correct the direction of the hair.

Step Nine:
Using a lighter concealer than your natural skin tone, blend a small amount over the arch of the eyebrow for highlight. 

Final Brow