Saturday, 2 February 2013

How to achieve...

Perfect Brows

Step One: 
Start with freshly groomed brows.

Step Two:
Paint on a thick line of concealer right under the brow line.  

Step Three:
Blend the concealer into skin while keeping a prominent line directly under the brow.

Step Four:
With a steady hand, starting a few centimetres from the inner part of the eyebrow, draw a line on the bottom following the natural arch of the brow. 

Step Five:
With a brow shade, fill in the section where you drew the line. Try Mac Brow Duo: Brunette, $27.50

Step Six:
Using an angle brush, make small hair-like strokes, extending the inner brow just past the corner of the eye.

Step Seven:
As a highlight, use a matte white eye shadow under the arch of the brow. For extra glamour, try using a light shimmer powder in a frost or goldie tone.

Step Eight:
Groom the brows to correct the direction of the hair.

Step Nine:
Using a lighter concealer than your natural skin tone, blend a small amount over the arch of the eyebrow for highlight. 

Final Brow

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