Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Dear Santa,

Wedge Sneakers are everywhere this fall and they are definitely on my Santa wishlist. I've been craving a pair of these for a while now but really haven't been in a place to fork out the dough. Santa to the rescue?! 

My favorite are Steve Madden's Hamlit wedge sneakers featuring shiny square studs along the vamp and tongue, they are so futuristic and fashion forward. I'm in love!

Or maybe I'll commit myself to the Steve Madden Olympiaa Hi-top sneakers, they were my first choice after all - I do love the white soles... Maybe this is one of those cases where less is more?

This footwear trend has been seen throughout Hollywood, with celebrities such as Kate Bosworth, Dakota Fanning and Beyonce sporting them. Thank you Isabel Marant for introducing them! 

The great thing about these shoes is that they give the illusion your feet are 2X smaller than what they actually are. This is what makes them look so adorable and dainty! And, they make you look taller and legs longer without the pain of a 5 inch spiked heel casket on your foot. Every girls dream, right?! Finally, a stylish footwear trend that you can wear with just about anything that doesn't end with your feet crying for mercy...

Try pairing them with...

- Skinny jeans and a cute tee
- Faux leather tights and a chunky sweater
- Flowing maxi skirt and a tucked in tank
- Black stockings and a causal mini dress 
- Knee high socks, a mini skirt and a bomber jacket
- Funky pattern tights, V-neck tee and jean jacket

Here are some other sporty sneaker wedges...

Would you rock them?


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